Аккумулятор volvo s40 ii оригинал

рейтинг: 1.65 - 2 voice
  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:03:17


Kevin Caldwell 09 May 2018

Thiscis not the same as the C70 I have. it has a torsion bar across the battery that stops the cover coming off.

Xing Honey 15 May 2018

what is the height of the battery?

Jane Haase 20 May 2018

My. C30 R design also had a stiffener bar attached just above the struts. In addition, a non-Volvo battery will not sit in the housing the same way. I had to re-route the negative along the outside to make it reach the terminal.

MrRickyc4 27 May 2018

Hi, I was told that the control unit needed to register the new battery? Have you ever had this problem.

Terri Sundberg 30 May 2018

Which exact tools I need to do this on a 2009 volvo C30? thank-you!

Marcus Mays 01 June 2018

this is not for the S40. I m currently at autozone trying to get the battery out. been here for about 15 mins so far.

Ildar Valeev 08 June 2018

You have forgot one important thing. When you during battery installation you shoul switch on the eginition key to the position 2. And one more - before disconnecting the battery you should wait at least 3 min in a goal - car should go to sleep

Toys and Fun 11 June 2018

Already subscribed I am goong to need more of your help in the future. Thats for sure

Toys and Fun 13 June 2018

Huge like nr.21 my car is working again thanks to your help :)

Toys and Fun 19 June 2018

is the baterry 60 Amper or 72 amper?

Otto Frost 25 June 2018

On my V50 I needed a 10 mm key for the top nut.

Ben V 26 June 2018

I had to replace my battery last summer(original 8 year old Volvo battery!). Like your video shows, pretty straightforward job. I appreciate your How to videos.

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