Toyota genuine differential gear oil lt 75w85 gl 5

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Jack Sims 26 February 2018

When you changed the fluid, did you have to add LSD additive/friction modifier along with the gear oil? Mine doesn t come with a factory locker, so I figured probably not, but I was just curious.

vahak M 04 March 2018

Where do I get the new gaskets at?

Rafael Arias 08 March 2018

How many of those bottles are needed to complete this to spec? Thanks!

DMZSniper 11 March 2018

Geez, can the intro be any longer.

أبو داحم 18 March 2018

I want to be more than the oil level in the Jerpeix and Differential. 20 ml injected in the hospital medical use, does this increase the oil a little extra damage to occur because the oil level will decrease in the future with the heat factor during the rotation

kyle plekavic 23 March 2018

The owner s manual in my 2008 FJ cruiser lists different weights for the front and rear diff. But it lists 75W 90 for the transfer case. Would I be okay using the same 75-90 for front rear diffs and transfer case?

CroatianNinja 28 March 2018

I have the 2wd Fj not the 4wd do I do the same thing? same oil? Cant find this answer anywhere. thanks so much!

231MasseyFerguson 02 April 2018

Did this today on my 1987 Toyota 4WD pickup. Bothe front and rear differentials. All that s left is the manual transmission and transfer case. Used Lucas 75w-90 because it was local. I usually use Amsoil.

Lisa DeMayo 09 April 2018

thanks for this. at what milage do you change your rear diff on this FJ?

cantomagica 13 April 2018

A tool list would be nice. Especially since you made a noise removing the drain plug, and I couldn t understand what mm socket you are using. Could you add a TOOL LIST in your description? Please?

YU-GI-OH Con Cajones 20 April 2018

you can poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle and hold it plugged with ur thumb untill you turn the bottle upside down.then it pours out down the tube like a beer bong

Mohammed Alattas 23 April 2018

i drive my car for more than 100,000 miles like around (180,000 km) and i didn t change the differential oil yet. so do i have to change it completely or i m late to do that and what i have is to add only if there some messing?

ro nghiem 27 April 2018

if anyone is curious how to get that bottle attachment search flotool online. thanks for the video OP

ro nghiem 02 May 2018

what would you call that hose adapter? i m trying to look for one online without luck. thanks for this video!

gullf1sk 05 May 2018

Another good reason to undo the filler plug first, is that if you do the drain plug first, and cant get the filler plug open, you wont be up shit creek without a paddle after you ve drained all your oil and not being able to get the filler plug open.

Last Great Road Trip 12 May 2018

@vtownboxingfan - we have a list of tools and parts at

vtownboxingfan 13 May 2018

Didn t catch that. did you say 24mm socket wrench?

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