Gl 350 мерседес 2012

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  • Дата публикации: 19 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:04:52


ratchet219 19 January 2018

clean diesel cars are the way to go!

Mo Fatehzadah 21 January 2018

YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR HOMEWORK. You can attach the cover behind the back seat it has place for railing just remove the 2 clips on both side, behind the 3rd row. And you get to the 3rd row from the passenger side not as bad as you make it look.

rochab77 26 January 2018

the cargo cover easilly click in a slot behind the 3rd row so ypu can still cover what s behind the 3rd row. and the passenger seat folds and flips forward to access the 3rd row. And I get way better than 21 on the highway.

Bryan Baskett 31 January 2018

Most people get rid of the cargo cover, as far as getting into the 3rd row, you do that from the PASSENGER side. The seat folds and flips and the front passenger seat automatically slides forward allowing for easy 3rd row access. The reviewer needs to do more homework before his review.

Bryan Baskett 06 February 2018

I have an 08 GL320 CDI and average 20-21 mpg City and 25-26 HWY.

TonyTube407 10 February 2018

17 city 21 hwy? That s awful for a diesel, SUV or not.

Seán O'Nilbud 12 February 2018

You don t get it, you get much more mpg with diesel than gas.

taran245 17 February 2018

try to convert California to diesel when its 4.79 and premium is at 4.39

marcducati 20 February 2018

This guy is an idiot. The cargo cover has two positions. One is right at the back with the 3rd row of seats up.

megahoodoo 22 February 2018

i traded my audi Q7 for this and i think this is better than it in every way it looks better it has more power and more room!

joeyg243 24 February 2018

Ron Doron is the man when it comes to auto reviews. AND He is softspoken, nice to listen to(He could talk to ME ALL FREAKIN DAY!) and he is so professional! He bases his reviews on the best interest of the customer and is my go to for car information.Thanks Ron, You good lookin MAN! WOOF!

Glimm 26 February 2018

far better than the escalade? It s not even in the same class. Can t even fit anything behind the third row. Plus escalade tows more and has more room inside. Those tv screens are a joke to.

nukstero 27 February 2018

i agree its not a goot looking suv but still is far better that the other 3 shown in the videos

luxurykid666 04 March 2018

In Merc s defence, if you were removing your cargo cover you be in your garage and have a place to store it

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