Mazda 2 sedan 2017

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CHEZZO LOPEZ 11 May 2018

Hey can you review hyundai i10 pls

AKESEBA 15 May 2018

if this comes eu finally im insta buying it

just DAN 18 May 2018

Is there no mt of the 2 in the Philippines?:(

Gamalier Perez-Torres 21 May 2018

In the US market this car is rebadged as Scion iA/Toyota Yaris iA. not offered with sky active tecnology wich makes it a great little car.

john gula 24 May 2018

is the price is the same all over in the philippines?coz in our city is more higher price.instead of 800kplus it turns to 900kplus peso.

Elmer Osiris Hernandez 28 May 2018

great video, and hello to you brothers from Mexico! :)

ابو سيف العبدلي 03 June 2018

I like your way in explaining. how you choose words and facial expressions.keep going

jeicee dee 06 June 2018

My father have this car and we are both wondering if the side mirror folds automatically or manually? Like mirror power folding? Can somebody answer? Hahaha

Raincat 12 June 2018

I own a 2016 Mazda 2 R. Very fun car to drive and it s the best looking subcompact car on the market

joemago 15 June 2018

Finally, a reviewer who is my size. 5’5 lol

Edward Fuentesfina 18 June 2018

Discovered this channel just now. Great content and presentation. Kudos!

Fernando Mercado 22 June 2018

I m really torn between 3 lovers here. What shall I buy, a 2017 Honda City, a Vios or this Mazda 2 model? In terms of maintenance and fuel efficiency, which is on top?

Woof Meow 23 June 2018

Hi, is it normal that mazda 2 has a bumpy ride? Ive tried testing it at a car showroom and it was very bumpy ride, is it normal?

dave elizalde 27 June 2018

whats more bigger hatch trunk or sedan?

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