2001 discovery land rover

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James Island Fishing 10 May 2018

I m looking at a 01 discovery what problems would I have?

drewin868 16 May 2018

the design of the floor is for water crossings so the water runs back out of the vehicle. i ve owned a couple of these and have been excellent, comfortable and easy to drive vehicles. certaily a better vehicle than the 2 american built Jeep WG grand cherokees i ve owned.

Everette Singleton 22 May 2018

And the towing capacity OMG. Second to none. it s obvious you ve never test drove a 90 horsepower sports car. you look at the specs sheet and think, only 90 horsepower but to drive it the experience is everything. you can put 500 horsepower in a pickup truck doesn t make it good

Grey Meyer 28 May 2018

Holy cow! People are very protective of their Rovers. mean comments!

Allan Armstrong 01 June 2018

fuel is cheaper in the states. so does it matter about 16mpg. 300tdi is better. loads of room in a disco. just get a screw driver and tighten the dash screws up easy.

Burt Dougam 06 June 2018

should have drivin it, that bad boy has alot of power and tows well too. Also your complaints are very subjective bitching about a twelve year old vehicle. just so awkward The fuck ever duder!

Brian LRROVER 11 June 2018

im 300 lbs and 6 foot tall and i have room. and my rover is a tank

Richard Hilaire 13 June 2018

Know your car before you stumble and talk. Moron. Especially for devote Disco 2 people

Alabama Jones 16 June 2018

Thank you for this honest review.My wife wanted one and was going to look at one today.

ian 17 June 2018

ima start saying nail me sideways

berto fly 21 June 2018

And the seats are made to go higher in each row so that everybody can see out the window. You know nothing this is an amazing car.

Tenacious Zen 24 June 2018

you are an absolute moron.what exactly are you attempting to accomplish?. you re def. not trying to sell it.

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