Black orchid tom ford men

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  • Дата публикации: 03 April 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:23


npgSymboL 04 April 2018

This was my first tom Ford scent I ever bought back in the day

Keren Kozi 08 April 2018

Yes this one is way too strong, I like much more the Tom Ford noire xtreem& the noire for women as well

Emma White 13 April 2018

This is clearly a good buy if you love mysterious scent. Which I do. On myself it turns powdery and chocolate with a mysterious floral tone. I enjoy it much but my favourite of Tom Ford is noir de noir. Followed by tobacco oud. And for spring summer I would go with neroli portofino.

robert20351 15 April 2018

Jeremy, have you tried TF Noir EDP?

eleni Kominos 17 April 2018

I Love It. Very Unusual!It needs time to settle.on the Skin.

Juliett Gort 21 April 2018

I totally agree on this review. I don t like that fragance for women at all.

Dimitris&Tina Galatas 27 April 2018

Love love love it!9/10 for me❤️❤️❤️

darklausal23 02 May 2018

I love it and I have gotten a few compliment when I wear it.

Jacob 09 May 2018

When you spray a fragrance by Mr.Ford you must spray at a distance and capture it with the card,that helps develop the fragrance they don’t like it because you’re saturating the card and they’re getting all the notes at once.

afghan eagle 11 May 2018

When I first saw this video I kept thinking this guy looks someone and although I don t find many European men attractive I was blown away by how handsome Jeremy is. After watching a few videos he reminds me so much of a younger Harrison Ford.

LovelyTrueRed 16 May 2018

Blind purchased due to reviews and it was a great mistake. Opened the box while in the truck with others, spritz my wrists and every passenger said eww what is that, it stinks and I agree. Worst fragrance purchase for me ever!

Konstans Ale 22 May 2018

You wanna kill me with ur outfit?

Aliadam Aliadam 28 May 2018

Oh my god, this perfume is horrible, it makes me nauseate.

Gucci Saint 03 June 2018

Jeremy I live In Jamaica And When I wear this I get Crazy Compliments from People they say I smell like foreign( that’s mean I smell good)💯 an I’m a man and I love it 😊

Spencer Poston 07 June 2018

Please review Velvet Orchid and/or L’homme Parfum Intense by YSL!

deJavaScents 11 June 2018

It smells like Zara Tobacco Rich Warm. The similarity due to the coconut note.

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